All of our commonly asked questions are answered below. If your question isn't covered or you want to get in touch about something else, please contact us.

How does a silent disco work?

At the start of the event, everyone gets handed a set of What Noiz headphones. Using radio frequencies, the headsets are hooked up to three separate channels – red, blue and green. Which one you listen to (and how loud you like it) is totally up to the individual! 

As the event organiser, you've got control over what plays. You can have three DJ’s, each on their own channel, or three devices each with their own playlist of your design. Or even have two of one and one of the other, it's down to what you want.

What age is a silent disco suitable for?

Anyone over the age of 10! Kids and adults of all ages love a silent disco.

How long do the headsets last for?

Our headsets have a built in rechargeable battery so there are no extra AA battery costs. They generally last 7-8hrs and we provide them fully charged ready to go, which means you should be able to party way past midnight!

What’s included in a silent disco hire?

When you hire our silent disco, you’ll receive all the headsets, transmitters and cabling you need for the event.  We can also supply lighting and even a DJ (or three!) if needed.

What devices can I use with Silent Disco equipment?

Our equipment is compatible with any mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, computer or DJ deck with a headset jack.

What AV equipment do you have available for hire?

We have a top of the range selection of supply TVs, LED screens, projectors and screens, lighting equipment, full sound systems, microphones etc.  Contact us for your specific requirements.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by bank transfer or credit card via the Pay Now link on your invoice.

Is there a rental bond?

Yes, when you hire our silent disco headsets, you’ll need to provide a credit card which we will charge in the case of headsets being lost or damaged ($80+GST each).  Audio hire also attracts a bond which varies depending on what is being hired, please contact us for more information about specific requirements.

What are the terms of hire?

The exact terms depend on the type of hire undertaken and will be provided to you in a hire agreement. However, all equipment hire must be paid for in full up front. Please see full hire details here.

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