What Noiz


About Us 

The What Noiz? team have over twenty years combined knowledge in event management and technical support, and experience in all aspects of entertainment.

Think festivals to theatre, rock 'n roll to corporate.

Our aim is to use our expertise to make your event as dynamic and genuinely stand out in the rapidly paced event industry.

Ever heard of a silent disco?

How A Silent Disco Works

At the start of the event, everyone gets handed a set of What Noiz? headphones. Using radio frequencies, the headsets are hooked up to three separate channels - red, blue and green. Which one you listen to (and how loud you like it) is totally up to the individual! It's as easy as flicking a switch. Literally. 

You've got control over what plays. You can have 3 DJ’s - each on their own channel - or just 3 mp3 players - each with their own playlist of your design. Or even have 2 of one and 1 of the other, it's down to what you want.

Aptly named silent  - it's only heard by people wearing the headsets; there's no place for noise complaints, and the neighbours will love you for it. 

The headsets are adjustable for your shape and size, and are suitable for anyone aged between 10 and 100. We can even help hook you up with dance lights and effects for dark spaces.

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